Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Weston, CT. - HIGHLY RECOMMEND DAVE!

We enlisted Dave in our home search and we were glad we did in this very competitive home buying market. He showed us many homes and he was patient. We never felt pressured to put an offer on a home that we weren't sure about. He was very informative about the properties and neighborhoods. He always had our best interest at heart when showing us homes, during negotiation and during the home inspections. His extensive construction knowledge and ability to negotiate and work with other agents was a real plus in helping to win our bid! We HIGHLY recommend Dave!

Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Fairfield, CT. - HIGHLY RECOMMEND 5 STAR

My husband and I first met Dave at one of his open houses in December 2021 and immediately liked his positive, supportive demeanor and and appreciated how insightful and honest he was when answering our questions. We hadn't experienced that level of professionalism at any other open house (and we had been to many!).

Soon thereafter we chose him to represent us in helping to find our new home in Fairfield, CT. Right from the start we knew Dave had our best interests in place and would be a great match for us! There is not enough space to speak to all of the amazing traits Dave has, but one of the things that stood out to us as first time homebuyers was how well he understood home construction and the level of detail he could provide us when explaining conditions of homes and where there might be some hurdles and opportunities.

Most importantly, he helped us win the bid for us to obtain our new home and we will forever be grateful to him for that. He has a strong network in the area, and was also resourceful in helping us secure very competitive mortgage financing, an amazing attorney, and recommended great painters, floor refinishers, etc. that he knows as we look to update the home. We trust his suggestions and he has saved us a lot of headache trying to vet these vendors blindly!

We cannot recommend Dave more - he is an absolute pleasure to work with and a buyer's dream realtor. There was not a step in the process Dave wasn't by our side for and he made the home buying experience a positive one for us.

Sold a Single Family home in 2021 in Westport, CT - HIGHY RECOMMEND - 5 STAR

Before listing our home for sale Dave did an assessment to maximize our home’s value and marketability. He took the time to provide us with contractors and trades, including painters, floor refinishers, & handymen. He arranged for staging that showcased our home for today’s buyers. WOW… what a beautiful home that appeared in the professional photography, drone photos, brochures, social media and advertising! All this, along with his attention to detail, pricing, market analysis, flexibility and skill in working the attorneys, inspectors mortgage bankers and other agents, resulted in us selling our home for over asking price. This is the 2nd home that Dave has sold for us. Dave is a delight to work with.
We highly recommend Dave to anyone selling or buying a home!

Sold a Single Family home in 2021 in Southport, CT - HIGHLY RECOMMEND - 5 STAR

Dave did a great job in selling our Home! From the very beginning he helped us prepare the house for the market, including market analysis, pricing, paint colors and facilitating staging and de-cluttering. His marketing with social media, TV and print media was exceptional in generating excitement and interest in our home.

Importantly, he was always available to answer questions and resolve potential issues with buyers and his fellow agents. He is a real PRO in handling negotiations, inspections and in working with home mortgage providers. He helped us sell our home in record time, at over asking price with no concessions to the buyers. We highly Recommend Dave Harmuth to list your home for sale or to buy a home!

Sold a Single Family home in 2021 in Fairfield, CT -HIGHLY RECOMMEND - 5 STAR

We love Dave! He did another great job for us in listing and selling our home. He provided us “show ready” ideas to prepare the home for sale in today’s market. His marketing was well focused from targeting the buyer segment and leveraging the appropriate social, print, direct mail and television media. Once the plan was laid out, he quickly arranged for staging, photography, etc.

He was fully engaged with the home inspectors, the mortgage company and appraisers all the way to the closing table. His pricing and negotiations with the other realtors provided for a win-win for everyone.
Most importantly, Dave is a pleasure to work with and he is very proficient at his job. This is our 4th real estate transaction with Dave and we highly recommend him!

Bought a Single Family home in 2021 in Fairfield, CT - HIGHLY RECOMMEND - 5 STAR

We heard it through our professional networks, that Dave is a great Realtor. And, after we enlisted him to help us find a home in this very fast paced market, it was obvious that we hired the best! His knowledge of properties, construction, home inspectors, home specialists, attorneys and his genuine regard for his client’s interests was clearly evident throughout the entire home search and purchase process. Importantly, he was always very responsive to field questions and help resolve potential issues along the way.
Dave was a major advantage to us on our home purchase process! We highly recommend Dave Harmuth and we couldn't have gone through this process without him in our corner!

Bought a Single Family home in 2021 in Fairfield, CT - HIGHLY RECOMMEND - 5 STAR

David Harmuth helped us buy our new home in Fairfield and we were delighted with his high level of guidance and expertise. David was always at the other end of the phone when we had questions and he was extremely responsive. Importantly, David has a very strong knowledge of construction, mechanicals, and AC/heating. We particularly enjoyed conversing with Dave about possible home improvement ideas that could add value down the line.
Once we decided on the property, David expertly guided us through the negotiations during an exceptionally competitive market for buyers. Additionally, David's knowledge of home inspectors, mortgage providers and tradespeople proved exceptionally helpful in the purchase of our new home. Overall, David is very personable, patient, and easy to work with. We strongly, recommend David.

Sold a Single Family home in 2021 in Fairfield, CT - HIGHLY RECOMMEND - 5 STAR

I was so glad that I hired Dave to sell my Aunt’s home! After interviewing a couple of other Realtors, it was clear he was the best and most proficient. He was thoughtful in his market analysis and targeting the buyer’s profile of our home. Importantly, his marketing, including drone aerial photography, floor plans, social media and sales approach was exceptional. Furthermore, he worked with the buyer’s agent to structure a sale that was amicable to all.
He was always available and a good listener that looked for solutions along the way, until we closed. If you are purchasing or selling your home, I highly recommend Dave!

Sold a Multi Family home in 2021 in Fairfield, CT - HIGHLY RECOMMEND - 5 STAR

We recently contracted Dave to sell our parent’s home. We spoke to a couple of other agents and we were delighted we hired Dave! He took the time to advise us of things that we should do to improve the presentation of the home and enhance the marketability. His knowledge, ability to work with our tenants during the sale, and facilitate the property showings kept us all at ease. His marketing and his professional advice throughout the sales process, including negotiations and repairs along the way made for a smooth closing. We highly recommend Dave if you are selling your home.

Sold a Single Family home in 2020 in Easton, CT - HIGHLY RECOMMEND - 5 STAR

We made the best decision to engage Dave to market and sell our home. Very quickly, he helped us get one of his painters to paint the exterior of our home. Furthermore, he gave us ideas that enabled us to improve the value of our home, including excellent concepts for decluttering and staging. He helped us prioritize items that were most critical prior to listing our home for sale. His market analysis, pricing and marketing were right on target!
His expertise for detail on the staging, photography, home preparation, negotiation and home inspection follow-up was exceptional. This continued all through to the closing. He was very responsive and personable. Whether you are purchasing or selling your home, we highly recommend Dave!

Sold a home in 2020 in Fairfield CT - HIGHLY RECOMMEND - 5 STAR

We selected Dave to sell our family’s home, after interviewing 4 agents from different firms. Right from the get go, he was the absolute pro: extremely knowledgeable, transparent and patient. He delved into any potential issues and looked for solutions and corrections, prior to placing the home on the market. He was far better than expected at dealing with multiple parties that had an interest in the property. Being a multi-family, COVID-19 worries can be understandable. He worked with multiple offers, several showings, and had all involved at ease, including the tenants. His marketing was SPOT ON with aerial photography, floorplans, social media, advertising, promotion and more! His attention to detail and follow-up was all very timely and productive. Importantly, he helped us to size up the offers and make the best decision for our family. Once listed I had several people tell me how good he was, he did not disappoint! I highly recommend Dave to anyone selling our buying a home!

Bought a Single Family home in 2020 in Southport, CT - HIGHLY RECOMMEND - 5 STAR

After looking at some condos, Dave found this wonderful cape cod home for me in an absolutely terrific location with walk to train convenience! He swiftly mobilized to get me into the home and showed me the potential for future improvements. His attention to detail made me very comfortable and confident every step of the way. He was incredibly responsive, knowledgeable and transparent through the entire home buying process. Additionally, his knowledge of construction, home inspectors, attorneys and mortgage lenders helped make the transaction very smooth. Dave takes a personal interest in getting the right home for his buyers. I strongly recommend Dave Harmuth!

Sold a Single Family home in 2020 in Fairfield, CT - HIGHLY RECOMMEND - 5 STAR

Dave's Real Estate Knowledge, Professional Marketing and Sales Approach made the sale of home so much easier for us. He had excellent ideas for decluttering and staging to maximize the value of our home! His market analysis, pricing and marketing were right on target!
He hit the ground running from when we first signed the listing of our home. His attention to detail on the staging, photography, home preparation, negotiation, buyer inspections and sale contracts continued all the way to the closing table. He was very responsive, an excellent communicator and a great resource for us. He is by far the Best Realtor we ever worked with! We highly recommend Dave for the marketing and sale of your home!

Found a Home in Fairfield CT - HIGHLY RECOMMEND - 5 STAR

Dave helped us to find our new home in Fairfield. He located the best house for our family in a wonderful neighborhood convenient to the train and town center. He was able to connect us with a knowledgeable mortgage representative to assist us in making the best the decision.
Importantly, when some issues came up in the transaction, he was able to quickly resolve them before we moved in. Dave made us feel very comfortable and confident every step of the way. We highly recommend Dave Harmuth!

Bought a Single Family home in 2020 in Southbury, CT. - HIGHLY RECOMMEND - 5 STAR

Thank you Dave, for making our first home buying experience so wonderful! Your builder’s eye and attention to detail made us so comfortable and confident every step of the way.
Additionally, your resources and knowledge of home inspectors, attorneys and suppliers helped make our transaction very smooth. Our home is everything we hoped for and we are so excited to begin this next chapter of our lives. We could not have done it without you. We highly recommend you, Dave Harmuth!

Sold Single Family Home on 4/6/2020 in Fairfield CT - HIGHLY RECOMMEND - 5 STAR

Dave was spot on with this new construction home. His pre-sale. photography, marketing and promotions were right on! Additionally his stager did a fantastic job in presenting this new home to the market. He was always available to answer buyers and their agent's questions about the quality of the construction and highlighting the features of the home. A very smooth transaction for everyone. I highly recommend Dave!